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submitted by James Gavriles on 23.01.2005

Uncle Peter D. Gavrilis with relatives

Uncle Peter D. Gavrilis with relatives
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Unknown location in Kythera?

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submitted by
Anna Castrisios
on 04.06.2006

I recognize some of the people in the photograph to be my relatives. The man in the background who is wearing a cap is my late grandfather Gerasimos Lahanas. His daughter Zoe Fardoulis (lives in Potamos, Kythera)is the lady on the right wearing an apron. The man sitting on the donkey is her late husband Panayiotis Fardoulis.The young boy wearing a cap is their eldest son Yianni (lives in Sydney),the little girl at the front is their youngest daughter Eleni Bouzelakos (lives in Athens)and the girl partially hidden from view is their eldest daughter Matina Psaltis (lives in Sydney)