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submitted by James Gavriles on 26.01.2005

Boyhood friends in Kythera

Boyhood friends in Kythera
Copyright (1954) Jim Gavriles

My uncles with a couple of friends. I think the person far left is a Semitocolos?, Next is my Uncle Theodore Gavrilys, next is a mister Cassimatis, who I think used to own a restaurant in Long Island New York the Ship-Ahoy, Next is my Uncle Peter Gavrilis, Father of James, Theodore, Con, and Nick.
Not sure as to where this picture was taken??

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submitted by
ioannis fatseas
on 20.01.2008

the person far left is Giannis Kassimatis for many years editor of a Kytherian news paper

submitted by
James Gavriles
on 20.01.2008

Thank you ,Mr. Fatseas. I had the people mixed up. The short stocky man is Mr. Semitecolos. By the way did you know of any Fatseas family here in Detroit. I remember that my Father Baptized a couple Fatseas boys ,who had not been baptized as infants. They were almost teenagers when they were baptized by my Father.