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submitted by George Poulos on 03.01.2005

Tripia Petra. 1994.

Tripia Petra. 1994.
Copyright (1994) George Poulos

On the road to Myrtidiotissa in 1994.
The road has long since been tarred.

I too, applaud the initiative taken by Con Gavrilis, re: this important landmark.

From the Bulletin Board:

Con P Gavrillis.
Astor Base Metals
512-514 Punchbowl Road
Lakemba NSW 2195

Ph: 02 9750 0111
Fax: 02 9759 1222

"Dear Readers, and fellow Kytherians,

It has long been an obsession of mine to restore or replace the marble tabloid placed by the British in the hallow wall on the way to the Monastery and church of Panaghia Myrtithiotisa.

The original was severely damaged by the Germans and Italians during the occupation of 1941-1944.

If anyone has a old photo anywhere that can identify the rest of the tabloid wording, I would greatly appreciate your help in restoring this piece of Kytherian history."

Can anyone help in providing the original wording?.

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