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submitted by Kiriaki Orfanos on 06.01.2005

Papa Levounis.

Papa Levounis.
Copyright (0000) Maria Simos-Levoune

Papa Levounis.
This picture hangs in his cell, number 10, at the monastery - Myrtidiotissa. He left a written document allowing any of his descendants to stay in that cell.

"When I was about ten or eleven my mother and I stayed at Myrtidia from the first of August, where it is traditional for people to stay for a period fifteen days to celebrate the Panagia’s entry into heaven. The end of this time was celebrated by a dance in the church square".

From Maria Simos-Levounes. My Story., in History, subsection, Oral History.
For a more detailed history of the Levounes family from Potamos, see this entry.

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