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submitted by Petros Kominos on 09.08.2003

Panagia Odigitria

Panagia Odigitria
Copyright (2002) Petros Kominos

Panagia Odigitria, Perlegianika. Please, if someone has some information, I would like to know the story of this church

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submitted by
Vaggeli Contoleon
on 17.10.2007

hi, i was over in Kythera in summer this year (2007) and as my family is from perlegianika and i was with my grandmother staying there, i quizzed her on everything she knew about the place. apparently the church was built in the early 1900's to replace the older run-down churches which are located on hard to access adjacent hills. my grandmother told me that my grandfathers cousin georgia comino (died 2003) remembered the church being worked on by the men in the village when she was a small girl and that her father and my great grandfather helped out. the church is used fairly regularly and is in great condition and houses many interesting icons.