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The Great Walls of Kythera Book Project:
Kythera has some extraordinary walls, and good pictures of them would make a fascinating book. If you have some wonderful Kytherian wall pictures then submit them to this category. In 2011 we'll select the best of them to go into a book. Anyone whose picture appears in the book will get 3 free copies and of course be named as the author.

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Photos > Great Walls

submitted by Arthur Condoleon on 21.12.2010

The Wall with Steps

The ancestors of the Gianniotis family had flat rocks protruding from their walls as steps for the convenience of tending to their terraced properties in Kato Livathi. The steps begin from the lower right hand corner of the wall.

Photos > Great Walls

submitted by Zina Megaloconomos on 05.08.2010

wall still standing

Withstanding the test of time, this wall refuses to collapse

Photos > Great Walls

submitted by Zina Megaloconomos on 04.08.2010

Old fallen house in Kato Livadi

Sadly what's left of the family house

Photos > Great Walls

submitted by George Vardas on 20.01.2010

Livadi wall

The different coloured timber panels of this gate provide a striking contrast to this whitewashed wall in Kato Livadi