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submitted by Barbara Zantiotis on 29.03.2013

Ernie & Stephen

Ernie & Stephen
Copyright (0000) Stephen Zantiotis

Anastasios (Ernie) Steve Zantiotis and his nephew (my dad) Stephen Peter Zantiotis in the early 1950s.
Ernie was born in Kythera in 1908 and arrived in Australia in 1924. He passed away in Casino aged 90 in 1998. Ernie's wife, Mavis (Tapper), still lives in Casino.
Stephen was born in the NSW country town of Weston on 10/03/1928. His father, Peter Steve Zantiotis (Ernie's brother) was born in Kythera in 1898 and arrived in Australia in 1914.
My dad recently celebrated his 85th birhtday!

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