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submitted by Theo Megalokonomos on 23.02.2011

Theodoros " Kaponas"Megalokonomos & dynasty

Pappou Theodoros "Kaponas" Megalokonomos tou Mihalis ke tis Harikleias.
Greek Arhonto -Levento Kytherian.A real GENTLEMAN.
Leaved in Kythera at Agia pelagia .His house was next to kapsanis Super market .Was one of 9 kids and has a great and very large family and a huge " Kaponianiko dynasty" left behind when he died in 1993.
Will be treasured by all of his children ,grand children, and great grand children for ever.
He is a national Hero for Kythera because with his wooden boat's he managed to keep in life the population though wars, povetry ,Junda's,GOOD AND BAD TIMES...
Out of Dignity and respect to his Honourable name we will remember him and continue his legacies

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submitted by
Theo Megalokonomos
on 24.02.2011

Any one with any information ,photo's, documents or anything that is related and is interesting regarding -reffering the life's of Theodoros "Kaponas " Megalokonomos from Agia Pelagia and this kaponaniko family -dynasty please will be very match apreciated and we will love to hear ,read ,and see it here . Time to start collecting and publising few valuable items,photo's, family tree documents and give this lovely" Kaponianiko " family from Agia pelagia -kythera the International recognition they deserve.Especially pappou Theodoros kaponas Megalokonomos and giagia Antiopi [who died during the WW2 time and we know very little about her life as well].Thanks