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submitted by George James Poulos on 04.04.2004

Tzortzopoulos - Katharos - Karava

My father James (Dimitrios) and his younger brother Peter owned the "Niagara" cafe in Katoomba, NSW, during the heyday of the Blue Mountains. Our nickname is Katharos (the clean one!). Even though this appears self explanatory, someone out there could know something more.

George J. Poulos,
Wollstonecraft, Sydney.

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submitted by
George Poulos
on 07.05.2004

I have photographed and written up the story of the Niagara Cafe through the eyes of the daughter of its current manageress. [See, Photography Diaspora -(sub-section) - Cafes and Shops.] It would be great if you could add to the history of the Niagara Cafe - by posting some of your own reminisences. I remember my father, George Con Poulos (Tzortzopoulos), of Pendle Hill, Sydney - telling me a story as a young boy, about a Tzortzopoulos - probably your grandfather - who would not venture outside the house without assuring himself he was impeccably groomed; hence, "katharos". Of course - in an essentially "peasant" society being "katharos" was not a highly valued attribute. It subtracted from the number of hours that were needed in a day to eke out a subsistence living.