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submitted by George Poulos on 13.03.2004

Tzortzopoulos - Hlihlis - Karavas

My Grandfather - Yeoryios Dimitrios Tzortzopoulos` - George James Poulos - was born in Karavas Kythera in the 1860's. His nickname was "Hlihlis".
It is a commonly held family myth amongst his descendants - which includes those with family names such as Tzortopoulos, Poulos, Levantis, Peters, Dermatis & name only a few - that either he or an ancestor had a speech impediment - and because he could not enunciate words properly - was taunted with the nickname - hlihlis.
It is also a commonly held belief that all Tzortopouli derive from a common ancestor who migrated from the town of Karavas in Cyprus - and established the town of Karavas on Kythera.
Each "clan" of Tzortopouli have their own nickname, however - some of which I am aware of, and will reveal in separate entries.

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