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submitted by Leslie James Comino on 18.09.2003

Polavros - Comino

Nickname for Theodore minas Comino" Polavros:
Aparently Polavros is the nickname of this family in Kythera. I was told by Mr Con Mottee in Sydney who recently passed away, that this word is an Italian word meaning "to talk". Is that right ? Because in Australia there is a saying if you tell lies that its bulls... and Polavra. Please enlighten me as to what sticks here – I beleive Mr Mottee was being polite.

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submitted by
Robert Kass
on 10.05.2005

Dear Leslie James Comino, I believe this paratsoukli (nickname) is pronounced "Palavras". I was told by my grandmother, Mrs Stamatina Comino "Bahas" nee "Roussos" and "Palavras", that your grandfather Minas Dimitri Comino (Kominos) was the originator of this paratsoukli. He would entertain people with Karagiozi puppet shows, but after seeing the same show over and over again he was ridiculed by the locals with reference to "palavos". However it became "Palavras", to the discomfort of his brother's family. This older brother was Theodore Dimitri Kominos. Their father, Dimitris Kominos was known with the paratsoukli "Koumessos", which meant something along the lines of "Public Dignitary". My maternal grandmother's grandfather, Theodore Dimitri Kominos, tried to adopt the paratsoukli "Yalakatos", but only "Palavras" stuck, because he was refered to as the brother "tou palavra". After that point, my great, great grandfather sold everything in Perlegianika and took his wife and son to live in Kipseli, Athens. All that was left behind was his daughter, Zafiroula who married Panayioti Kominos "Roussos" (my grandmother's parents), and also left behind his brother Minas. Coincidently, Zafiroula's house (which was bought by her father as a wedding gift) is right next door to the house that belonged to your grandfather Minas Dimitri Kominos. I hope this has been of help. However, two years on you may have already discovered these facts.

submitted by
Jim Comino
on 25.09.2008

i did not know that the island my father served for in his youth as a very poor island was anything as your old granny described. firstly my great grandfather was a goat herder just outside town and was a loner not one that you would describe as Public Dignitary as Gran describes. secondly it sure wasnt snobery that sent your Theodore Dimetri Kominos from the island at all , that island had more men exported from there due to there being no work for pay there. America is full of imports from that island ,Australia is full of exports from Kythera and other country,s are also full of Kythjerian exports from that time . Today they have made money and are returning and not before time, but they are humble people now not fretting for a life ,like when they left there 100 years ago. Tell Gran :the meek will inherit the earth" leslie comino