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submitted by George Poulos on 13.03.2004

"Katsovitha" - Tzortzopoulos - Karavas

The father of John Poulos of Bondi, worked for many years in a cafe in Orange, NSW.

His family nickname was "Katsovitha" -"screw".

One version as to how the parachoukli derived was that an ancestor was constantly changing his life-plans and direction - and hence ended up achieving very little in life.

(Parachoukla are often very blunt and brutal - "Puraksina".)

The analogy was to the way a screw works - it can move in and out - to the left and to the right - and does not necessarily settle into one position - where it remains constantly.

Again, it would be interesting if one of his descendants could reveal to us the derivation of this nickname.

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