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submitted by George Poulos on 13.03.2004

"Kapetanios" - Tzortzopoulos -Karavas

The nickname of the Tzortopoulos family - descendants of Minas and Panayoti Tzortzopoulos was/is "Kapetanios".

Minas who lived in Molong, NSW, was held in great respect. When he was not being called "Burr-ba", he was known as "Kapetan-Mina."

Minas and Panayoti are depicted in a Photograph from the Australian Hellenic Historical Society Collection, (AHHS Collection), in Hugh Gilchist's, Australians and Greeks, Vol 1, on page 210.

Descendants, such as Mr Steve and Anna Poulos - Sydney, Australia, their children, and grandchildren - still employ the nickname.

It would be interesting to know the derivation of this nickname.

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