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submitted by George Poulos on 13.03.2004

"Belos" - Karavas

My great-grandfather, on my maternal side -Theothosios Coroneos - was also called Belos - the beautiful.
Most of the Belos Coroneii, such as those in Australia of Optometry, Internet Assocation, and Travel Agency fame derive from Potamos. Theothosios was born and bred in Karavas.
I am strongly of the belief however, that when the Family Tree Section of becomes operational - it will reveal that, say, 3 generations prior - a familial connection exists between the Belos's of Karavas and the Belos's of Potamos.

My grandfather, Triunduphilos Coroneos, during his life-time a long-serving mayor of Karavas - because he owned pigs - was given the unfortunate nickname - "hero-belo" - "pig-beautiful".

Juxtaposing as it does two diametrically opposed concepts - this is a good example of the wicked sense of humour that went into the devising of Kytherian nicknames.
Because the convention is that nick-names pass along the paternal line - I have been spared the ignominy of inheriting the nick name - "hero belo".

George C Poulos
Dover Heights

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