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submitted by Eleni Malanos on 23.08.2003

Bellos - Coroneo

My father's family nickname was "Bellos".
Apparently it means "beautiful" which my father certainly was.

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submitted by
Peter Coroneos
on 23.12.2003

According to Venetian records which I have seen in Chora, the first Bello was Nicolaios who was the son of Minas Coroneos. From memory, Nicolaios was born in about 1760. Has anyone done the family tree this far back? At this stage I think one line would go as follows: Minas > Nicolaios M.> Kostantinos M. > Panayiotis K. (who came to Australia with 3 or 4 of his brothers) > Byron (the youngest of three sons, the others being Con and Harry) in Perth > Peter (yours truly)> Leo A. and Paris (my 2 boys)