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Newsletter Archive

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 28.07.2008

August 2008

> Contents:
- Newsletter
- Anna Comino's Kythera-Blog
- George Tzannes' Exhibition opening in Kapsali. 11. August.
- Chrisanthe Comino by Gaye Hegeman
- Interview with Kythera's Mayor Koukoulis
- Real Estate Listings

Dear Friends of Kythera,

the prodigious length of many of our past newsletters has been the source of complaints from some of you. I'm afraid today's newsletter is even longer than usual, thanks to an "in depth" interview with the mayor of Kythera, Theodore Koukoulis. He not only gives an overview of his family and island connections, he also talks at length of his own opposition to large-scale wind-farms on the island. If the wind-farm debate doesn't interest you, I suggest you scroll down to Anna Comino's latest blog, which reports the recent nautical disaster to hit the island. And don't miss Gaye Hegeman's biography of Chrisanthe Comino, also below.

But back to the Wind-Farm debate:
We may need more than the Mayor's good intentions and his yet-to-be-commissioned environmental impact study to prevent big-turbine-businessmen and their unscrupulous friends in government in Pireaus from using Kythera as turbine-tip. Greece urgently needs to get its EU renewable power quota fulfilled and the regions/islands which put up the least resistance will bear the burden. You can help by sending an email to the mayor after you've read the interview. He might be more inclined to vigilantly defend the island if he knows that many of you Diaspora Kytherians and friends of Kythera are "behind him". At the interview we presented him with the online petition which so many of you have signed - more than 589 at the last count. He seemed impressed at the interest so many of you have taken.

For those of you still enthusiastic about majestic white giant wind-turbines spinning on the mountains of Kythera, I suggest you take a look at a video on YouTube which shows what little environmental regard the turbine companies here in Greece have. They sell themselves as "green" yet don't even clear up the mess they make when setting up the turbines. No tidy winding roads between the towers or the re-landscaped forest one finds in northern Europe. Just the scars of careless bulldozer-drivers:

>Real Estate
If you received and read our last newsletter you'll know there is a new Real Estate area on the site. There are already about a dozen listings (which you can also view at the bottom of this newsletter) but to get the numbers up we have a special offer for you in August: you can add your for-sale-listing for free for three months. Just log-on, click on the real-estate section, select your category, then click on "add an entry" at the top right. Turn some of your Kytherian land into cash so you can visit here more often! And if you're looking for a home, some land, or a ruin on Kythera, your search-listing is free anyway (and always will be).

If you're on the island, as my family and I are, you can meet me and other regulars on at the Sunday markets in Potamos, selling my Kythera books and cards (see, as well as manning the Turbine Action Group Information Table there. You can't miss us: we are strategically positioned next to two small boys who give 2-minute-massages to stressed tourists and locals for just one euro.

Best regards from a perfect day on Kythera,

James Prineas

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>52 Weeks In Tsirigo – Too Damn Hot!!!
by Anna Cominos ( )
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>Chrisanthe Comino (formerly Aroney)
 submitted to by Gaye Hegeman, 02.07.2008

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