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submitted by Kytheraismos Institute on 19.12.2005

Kytheraismos Institute logo.

Kytheraismos Institute logo.
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Heroon Polytechniou 81
Postal Code 185 36, Piraeus

Tel.: 003 210 45 99 414
Fax: 003 210 45 99 415



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Chairman of the Institute:

Elias Marsellos

The prosymposium of Kytheraismos

A preliminary meeting (prosymposium) was held on Monday the 24th of November, 2004, in Athens. During that day Elias Marsellos informed the Kytherians of Athens about the goals as well as the future plans of the Institute.

Moreover, representatives from the committees of the Institute and members of the Kytherian Associations all over the world sent their greetings, their ideas about the new Institute and the relationship among the pankytherians and a general planning were formed for the symposium of 2004 in Kythera.

The prosymposium took place in Athens
The Kytherians Cultural Centre,
6 Themistokleous Str.
Tel. 210/3838190).

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