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Particularly for APHRODITE

Aphrodite governs desire and sexuality. She is also known as Cytherea, Cypris, and Venus (Roman). She is often pictured with a sceptre or a mirror.

Direct Links to the following texts which reference Aphrodite.



Apollodorus 1.3.1

Hesiod: Theogony 195

Homer: Iliad 5.363


Pausanias 4.30.5

Plato: Phaedrus 265b

Homeric Hymn 5.1

Homeric Hymn 6.1

Euripides: Medea 630, Euripides: Medea 636

Sexual Encounters and Offspring

Adonis: Apollodorus 1.3.3, Apollodorus 3.14.4

Anchises -> Aeneas: Apollodorus 3.12.3, Homer: Iliad 2.820, Homeric Hymn 5.1
Read the whole Hymn by using the "Next Section" link.

Ares -> Harmonia, Panic, and Fear: Apollodorus 3.4.2, Pausanias 5.18.5, Plato: Symposium 196d, Pindar: Pythian 4.86, Hesiod: Theogony 930, Hesiod: Theogony 975, Homer: Odyssey 8.265, Homer: Odyssey 8.295, Homer: Odyssey 8.343

Dionysos -> Priapus: Pausanias 9.31.2

Other Encounters

Aeneas: Homer: Iliad 5.310

Athene: Homer: Iliad 21.415

Butes: Apollodorus 1.9.25

Creusa: Pausanias 10.26.1

Daughters of Pandareos: Pausanias 10.30.1, Homer: Odyssey 20.65

Dawn: Apollodorus 1.4.4

Diomedes: Apollodorus e.4.2, Homer: Iliad 5.318, Homer: Iliad 5.363, Homer: Iliad 5.416

Hera: Homer: Iliad 14.185, Homer: Iliad 14.193

Hector: Homer: Iliad 23.185

Lemnian women: Apollodorus 1.9.18

Love: Plato: Symposium 203c

Pandora: Hesiod: Works and Days 65

Paris (Alexander): Apollodorus e.3.2, Apollodorus e.4.1

Paris and Helen: Homer: Iliad 3.380, Homer: Iliad 3.381, Homer: Iliad 3.421

Phaethon: Hesiod: Theogony 975

Tyndareus: Pausanias 3.15.11


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