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submitted by George Poulos on 17.04.2004

Hellenic Studies Forum - 2nd International Conference

2nd International Conference

"Hellenism in the 21st Century"

Dates: 1st to 3rd August 1997
Venue: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Organised and hosted by: Hellenic Studies Forum

Supported by: General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus, Bank of Cyprus, Eurographics, Dinos Toumazos

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Michel Bruneau, Dr., Sorbone Institute -Mapping Hellenism and Hellenic Diaspora

Michalis Christakis, Dr., Mediterranean Studies Institute
-Networks of Greek Diaspora and New Technologies
-The Greek Approach to the Intergovernmental Conference

Stephanos Constantinides, Dr., Centre for Hellenic Studies and Research -The 21st Century: Challenges for the Greek Foreign Policy

Van Coufoudakis, Professor, Dean of Arts Faculty, Indianna University -Foreign Policy Challenges Facing Greece and Cyprus

Vasilis Damaskinos, -The Digital Way of Life, Digital Economy, Digital Education, Digital Future

Demetri Dollis, MP, State of Victoria -Globalisation and Hellenism

Demetra Egan, Chairperson, HSF -Conclusion and Comments.

Marios Evryniades, Dr, International Relations, Athens University -Turkey's Role in US Startegy During and After the Cold War

Stathis Gauntlett, Dr, Hellenic Studies, La Trobe University -Waiting for the Poseidonians: Greek Language and Identity

Andreas Georgiades, High Commissioner of Cyprus in Australia -Greek-Turkish Relations in the Eastern Mediterranean

Petro Georgiou, MHR, Commonwealth of Australia -Greece and Australia

Stavros Lambrinidis, Secretary General, GGAE -The Tree or the Galaxy: Policy and Practice of the GGAE

Costas Nicolaides, KYKEM

Gregoris Niotis, MP, Greece. President, Interparliamentary Committee for Greeks Abroad -Future Directions and Priorities for Hellenism in the 21st Century

Zena Poulli, KYKEM -Technology in Cyprus - Past and Present

Spyros Sfetas, Dr., Institute for Balkan Studies -Waiving Between Historical sensitivity and Political Realism

Kostas Stavropoulos, Dr., Greek Centre for European Studies -European Unification, Institutiona Networks of Hellenism

Anastasios Tamis, Professor, Hellenic Studies, La Trobe University -The Persisting Irredentism of Macedoslavs by Means of Historiography

Oliver Taplin, Professor, Magdalen College, Oxford University, UK -The Lasting Significance of Ancient Greek Tragedy in the Modern World

Thalia Tassou, Centre for Hellenic studies and Research -Human Rights, International Law and Realpolitik. The Cyprus Case

Constantinos Vgenopoulos, Dr., Greek Centre for European Studies -Hellenic Migration in Historical Perspective

Gough Whitlam, The Rt. Hon., former Prime Minister of Australia -Public Lecture, Official Opening


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