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Gravestones > Potamos > Fyropoulos-Cominos Grave, Potamos

Gravestones > Potamos

submitted by Terry Chlentzos on 20.06.2007

Fyropoulos-Cominos Grave, Potamos

Fyropoulos-Cominos Grave, Potamos
Copyright (2007) James Prineas

The cross at the top of the grave reads:
In rememberance of my adored parents and siblings, from Tasia Panaretou.

The inscribed names on the tomb are:
Panagiotis Fyropoulos, age 76 d. 16 Feb. 1933
Grigoria Fyropoulou, age 90 d. 26 Jan. 1958
Nikolaos Cominos, age 68 d. 16 April 1938
Vasiliki Cominou, age 52 d. 20 Oc.t 1943
Anargyros Fyropoulos, age 76 d. 31 Dec. 1978

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