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submitted by George Poulos on 17.11.2005

Ollie Constandinou (Tzortzo)Poulos. Gravesite marker, looking across Thomas and Cook graves.

Ollie Constandinou (Tzortzo)Poulos. Gravesite marker, looking across Thomas and Cook graves.
Copyright (0000) George Poulos

As mentioned in another entry, on Saturday 12th November, 2005, I drove to Dubbo, in central western New South Wales - to search for the gravesiste of my baby sister. I had never visited the gravesite in the 53 years of my life, to date.

Ollie Con(standinou) (Tzortzo)Poulos. Searching for baby Ollie

After much searching - see the entry above - I eventually found the site.

The site was a roughly 4 feet (120 cm's)x 3ft (90 cm's) patch of typical red "Bulli soil" - littered with small fragments of broken glass.

I found the site by the good fortune, that, unlike other clay markers in Old Dubbo Cemetery, Ollie's marker had remained in situ for 51 years.

Etched deep into the clay marker depicted in this photograph is the number 3142. The numbers are carved in at an angle, in a manner similar to the old road side markers measuring the distances between towns on country roads.

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Old Dubbo Cemetery sign. Looking from Myall Street; the southern end

Locating Ollie's gravesite. A Co-ordinate system.

The question now, is to endeavour to devise a co-ordinates system, by which other members of the family can also readily locate the gravesite.

The best system is to

1. Obtain a map of Old Dubbo Cemetery.

Location Map of the Old Dubbo Cemetery

2. Enter the cemetery via the Myall Street, (Southern) Gate - Myall St. Entrance, on the map.

3. Walk west until you arrive at the section marked Babies on the map.

4. If you walk close to the Southern fence you will arrive at a prominent child's gravesite which is designed like a childs crib, or cot.

This is located 12 rows back from the Barden Avenue, and Myall Street Corner. (Far west of the cemetery).

5. From the child's crib gravesite - head due north, and count along 12 rows of graves (even if they do not have headstones, or are non-existent).

6. There you will find clay marker stone 3142.

7. Adjoining 3142, directly to the East, is the grave-site of a little boy called "Georgie".
This has a deep brown marble gravestone, and is inscribed:
In Loving Memory
Beloved Infant Son of
G and L Thomas
Died 8/2/59
Aged 5 weeks

"Georgie" is also enscribed in white across the gravestone.

Tragically, it also includes the inscription:

Our Dear Son
David J Thomas
Died 22.1.60
Aged 2 days

That is, a double infant fatality in the Thomas family.

If you stand in front of the Thomas gravesite, and look due West, the first marker "behind" the end of Thomas gravesite, is Ollie's marker stone.

The gravesite to the right of the Thomas gravesite, in this photograph, is the gravesite of the Beloved infant children of A.J. and .....Cook.; again indicating a multiple tragedy.

Ollie's gravesite marker, in this section of the Old Dubbo Cemetery where many of the gravesite markers are still extant (see 5 such markers in the background) - is the one immediately behind the Thomas headstone.

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