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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 29.03.2006

Phillip Feros Bingara

Phillip Feros Bingara
Copyright (2005) Peter Makarthis

Phillip Ioannes Feros
born Cerigo 1887
Died Bingara NSW Australia 11 Feb 1940
Buried Bingara Cemetery

Greek/Kytherian grave-sites Bingara Cemetery.

Philip Feros CEN Row D Plot 71

Jim Loulias Bingara Row Grk Plot Ort

Jim Melonas CEN Row A Plot 59

Harry Vangis NG Row 04 Plot 09

Neldaleen Vangis NG Row 04 Plot 09

As recorded by Mr and Mrs Kirk, Bingara, and maintained on record by Gwydir Shire Council.

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