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submitted by George Poulos on 27.04.2004

Pezi djorwos - Playing cards.

Another word - commonly used/heard in the last century amongst Kytherians, but increasingly less used - was the word -"djorwos".

The word means playing generally - children playing, playing sports... etc.

For Kytherians "na pezi djorwo" is most often used to decribe the activity of - being amongst (mostly) male friends and playing cards.

This attraction of Kytherians for "djorwo" has not even begun to be discussed at at this stage (early 2004).

And yet I am sure that every Kytherian has witnessed card games - with very high stakes - played by our grandfathers, fathers and...ourselves - where words like " kitty!" - were introduced to our vocabulary - and very large sums of money passed from one side of a table to the other - depending on how a certain card happened to fall.

For every 10 "solid" and "stable" Kytherians - there was always one compulsive gambler - who couldn't resist "djorwos."

But even the solid and stable would participate in the "big game." Without the slightest qualm or compunction.

"Where is your father?"

"Playing cards!"

"Pou eine o Babas sou?"

"Pezi djorwo!"

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