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submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 21.10.2007

Bodgie Blood. From the "Kytherian" cafe culture.

Among the year 2000 archives of the television program Burke's Backyard there is an article on red cordial, which includes this sentence: 'Red cordial also makes stunning spiders, a great topping for ice-cream, and the best possible Bodgie's Blood (a 50s favourite made with cola instead of water and 1-2 scoops of ice-cream)'.

A milk bar in Wauchope, New South Wales, has a website that indicates they supply bodgie's blood.

In the Melbourne Herald Sun on 12 May 2000 an article refers to bodgie blood: 'If you're a baby boomer or just appreciate memorabilia, stop at a shop in Daylesford called Lost in the '50s Ice Cream Parlor,, where you can enjoy a lime spider, widgie brew, bodgie blood or an ice cream sundae while listening to some good old rock 'n' roll.'

These recent references are primarily nostalgic lookings back to the era of bodgies and widgies (this is the only reference we have found to widgie brew).

Can anyone locate references to this term from an earlier period?

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