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submitted by George Poulos on 15.05.2004

Preserving the Marriage Crowns -Stephana ke Stephanothiki

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Preserving the Marriage Crowns--Stephanothiki

Preserving the Marriage Crowns -Stephana ke Stephanothiki - Stephana

....The stephana are one of the most important symbols of the marriage. They remind the newlyweds that they are now united in their own kingdom with the blessing of God, and they have a chance to build their own home and family together. The crowns deserve to be properly preserved. Place the crowns in the home ikonostasi or in a special case called a stephanothiki....

From, A Guide to Greek Traditions and Customs in America. Second Edition. by Marilyn Rouvelas. 2002.
411 pages, hardbound, notes, illustrations, and bibliography.

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May 2002

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