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submitted by Open University Of The Municipality Of Kythera on 02.12.2005

Open University of the Municipality of Kythera.

The Open University of the Municipality of Kythera is an institution created in the year 1999 by the Municipality of Kythera at the suggestion of Prof. George Leontsinis, Municipal Councilor of Kythera, and, currently, Vice-Mayor responsible for Culture and Education.

It is staffed by university professors as well as by Kytherian scholars and intellectuals who live permanently in the island.

It aims, via the scientific and cultural activities that it organises, to contribute to the support and the elevation of the intrinsic social and intellectual infrastructure of the island. Its aims also include the development of significant congressional activity focused on questions relating to the history and the culture of the island of Kythera as well as on issues and problems relating to contemporary Kytherian life, Greek society and the international community.

By public lectures delivered by distinguished scholars, academic conferences and symposia, artistic exhibitions and other cultural activities, the Municipality of Kythera aims at promoting the dissemination of social knowledge and the stimulation of fruitful discussions among its citizens and Kytherians living at home and abroad.

It aims to enhance, at a time of rapid and crucial change, issues and aspects of contemporary political, intellectual, social and everyday life, including the education of the Youth, civilisation, medical education, economic development and efficient management of the natural and human resources of Kythera.

The foundation, organisation and operation of the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Kythera, that will include the Municipal Historical Archive, a Municipal Library, a Municipal Art Gallery, a Municipal Conservatory, a Museum of the History of Education and a Museum of Kytherian Folklore, has been one of the main priorities of the Open University of the Municipality of Kythera.

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