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submitted by Kytherian Ball Sydney on 01.09.2007

Kytherian Ball Committee, Sydney.

Kytherian Association of Australia

Kytherian Ball Committee, Sydney. - KAAWomenAux

Members of the 2006-2012 KAA Ball Committee

Contact the Ball Committee,
Rockdale Post Shop
P O Box 183
Rockdale NSW 2216

Visit the superb KAA website at:

You can contact KAA Ball Committee, Sydney via:

KAA Main Address

President, Vic Kepreotis


Vice-President, Kathy Samios

Kytherian Ball Committee, Sydney. - 1938 Kytherian Association Ball

The Kytherian Ball has a long tradition. This photograph was taken at the 1938 Ball, which was held at the Mark Foys Empress Ballroom (entrance Castlereagh Street, Sydney).

Kytherian Ball Committee, Sydney. - Kytherian Ball 1940

This photograph was taken at the Kytherian Annual Supper Dance. 30th April, 1940, which was held at Sargent's, in Market Street, Sydney. Tickets were 5 shillings and sixpence.


1964Ball.pdf 1964, 42nd Annual Ball

1966.pdf 1966, 44th Annual Ball

1966Queensland.pdf 1966 QUEENSLAND Ball (Thirtieth Silver Jubilee)

1967.pdf 1967, 45th Annual Ball

1968.pdf 1968, 46th Annual Ball

1971.pdf 1971, 49th Annual Ball

1972.pdf 1972, 50th Annual Ball

1974.pdf 1974, 52nd Annual Ball

1979.pdf 1979, 57th Annual Ball

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