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submitted by Rowan Parkes on 02.04.2005

Blood donation in Kythera

A blood donation society was set up in 1998 on the island with the goal to have a Kytherian blood bank in Athens for all Kytherian residents in need who have no relatives or other access to blood supplies. The Kytherian blood bank is located in the Tzannio Hospital in Piraeus. The first donations began in 1997 under the direction of the then vice-mayor Kassimatis Manolis, and forty donations were made. Today there are 120 regular donors.
The system works like this: Which ever Kytherian is in need of blood donation is able to get in touch with the local authorities and they will then be linked up with the blood bank and be assigned units from there.
Apart from the regular donations, to Kytherian Blood Donation organization enjoy organizing various other activities for the people of the island, such as the race they organized in cooperation with the Kytherian athletics society, and the free First Aid courses in alliance with the local Hospital. They are already making plans for much, much more!
Members of the group include:
Manolis Kassimatis – president
Panagiotis Prineas – treasurer
Anna Bourna – secretary

The Kytherian Blood Donation group are always in need of economic support, anyone who is able to sponsor their effort can get in touch with them through

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