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submitted by James Prineas on 14.07.2003

Windmills at Keramitianika

The three ruins of windmills at Keramitianika, between Mitata and Friligianika, are hauntingly beautiful. I first visited the island in 1985, four year after the last of them was destroyed by fire, and never saw them in their splendor.

Windmills at Keramitianika - Two old mills+
The ruins of two windmills at Keramitianika

Most people assume that they were watch-towers or strange houses when first viewed - one doesn't immediately associate Greece with windmills.

Windmills at Keramitianika - windmill2
The entrance to the windmill at Keratimianika

Despite their current state, they are solidly built - the staircases are part of the walls. In one, pictured, the millstone is still lying where it fell after the fire. It alone is a masterpiece of stonework.

Windmills at Keramitianika - windmill1
View of the ruined windmill from above

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