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submitted by Stephen Trifyllis on 09.05.2014

'sitting on the dock of the bay '

risky job as this tractor driver found at lycidimou beach trying to push back the sand of the 'mollo ' back into the sea , getting the beach ready for the summer , but the huge seas that day made the job a little tricky, requiring good driving skills ...!!

Photos > Working Life

submitted by Japio Ruijg on 23.05.2009


the inside of maria's

Photos > Working Life

submitted by Peter Lachanas on 07.06.2010

The donkey man

Peter Lachanas is one of the last people on the island to rely on donkeys as transport, in fact it is very possible he is indeed the last one. This is one of a collection of photographs featuring himself and his donkeys over the past ten or more years after his return from his travels in Australia and S. America and his settling down once and for all in his Kytherian homeland..
Here, Peter's mother Evagelia and Pavlos Sofios take two children for a trip on one of the donkeys.