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submitted by Koula Veneris on 12.02.2005

Passengers from Kythera on the SS Derna, 1948.

Several passengers from Kythera travelled to Australia on the SS Derna in 1948. Front row:(l-r) Stan Travasaros, Mattie Travasaros, Vassilki Fatseas, Petro Fatseas, John Cominos. Back row:(l-r) Mary Fatseas (second from left), Stamatina (last name unknown), Koula Travasaros, Katina Travasaros, Betty Fatseas (second from right, with white collar). Other passengers included people from displaced persons camps in Germany, death camps in Poland, labour camps in Hungary and 61 Jewish orphans. The voyage lasted almost three months in primitive and overcrowded conditions. The story of the SS Derna and its passengers has been written by Diane Armstrong in "The Voyage of Their Life", 2001, HarperCollinsPublishers, Australia.

Photos > Vintage Portraits/ People

submitted by Koula Veneris on 16.09.2005

George and Koula Travasaros 1934

George Travasaros was born in Travassarianika in 1907 and died in 2005. He married Koula (Kyriaki) Petrohilos who was born in Fratsia in 1912 or 1913 and died in 2002. George migrated to Australia in 1938 and eventually settled in Albury NSW in 1944. His wife Koula and daughters Katina and Stamatina joined him in Australia in 1948.