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submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 02.11.2008

Diakofti 1951

From left to right: John Alfieris (1882-1966), his wife Maria Chlentzos Alfieris (1882-1968), Maria's brother Diamantis' wife Yanoula Coulentianos Chlentzos. Sitting on the right with the white hat is Manoli Sofios.

(amended 3-7-2007)
Sitting fourth from the left is Kosmas Antoniou Zaglanikis holding his hat.

Sitting fifth from the left after man holding his hat is Maria Panagiotou Kastrisiou. Sitting on the right is her husband Panagiotis Antoniou Kastrisios.

Standing at the back on left hand side is Vasilios Harilaou Kassimatis(Karinos). He had one of the Buses in Potamos.

The rest I do not know. If someone recognizes the others in this photo, please email me. This was my grandparents first trip back to Kythera, after having immigrated to the USA in 1906-1907 via Alexandria, Egypt.