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submitted by Ernest Pappas on 01.04.2016

Panayiotis Prineas (1876-1957) ca 1914

Left for Australia 1901   to USA in 1904   back to Greece 1908 married Katerini Depontes and returned to USA in 1909 with Kayina, his mother Staveoula, and brother Theodore

Photos > Vintage Portraits/ People

submitted by Manolis Samios on 27.03.2004

Going to war

On the 17th of January, 1941, a group of Kytherian soldiers, having been called to war, disembarked in Githeio, from there to make their way to the Albanian border. Many of them were never to return. Most of those who did return are no longer living, there follow the names of a few of the survivors: 4th right 1st(top) row Theodore Sklavos, 3rd right 4th row Ioanis Giouzelis, 2nd left 4th row Alekos Amarantos, 7th left 1st row Kosmas Lenes, 3rd left 2nd row Nikos Livaditis, 5th left 1st row Pavlos Stratigos, 9th left 1st row Kosmas Kalokairinos, 2nd right 1st row Kostas Kastridios, 4th right 1st row Fatseas.