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submitted by James Prineas on 15.06.2003

Leaving Greece

Leaving Greece
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The eldest Haniotis son - Dimitri - leaves for Australia. Next to him his father Brettos,on the far left his sister Froso. The identities of the other three women in the picture are unknown to me (can anyone help?).
I think he migrated in the late 20's or early 30's.

Note from my cousin Pothety in Canberra: "I recognize the young lady standing in the centre (front) of the photograph.  She is the daughter of Georgia (Cassimatis, Dimitri's maternal Aunt) , her name is Katina nee Notaras and she married Spiro Gavrilli.  They both resided in Canberra.  Aunty Katina died last year (2003)."

Thanks Pothety!

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submitted by
Βρεττός Χανιώτης
on 08.11.2005

In this photo I can recognize aunty Froso and she is at the right side of uncle Dimitris. Vrettos T. Haniotis