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submitted by Peter Trearchis on 01.03.2008

Koroneos/Souris Obituaries With Photos

Koroneos/Souris Obituaries With Photos
Copyright (0000) Filitsa Gregoropoulos

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Peter Trearchis

Nicholas A. Coroneos

Nicholaos A. Coroneos died in Potamos, at age 80 and he will be missed very much. The former immigrant to the United States, had been established in Baltimore.

He returned from America many years ago, and resided in Piraeus, traveling often to Kythera where he was participating in works of common benefit. He was involved in the renovation of churches, school buildings, reforestation throughout the island, the sea wave-breaker of the harbor of St. Pelaghia, the Trifyllian Hospital, the Old Age Home, the Stadium of Potamos and every place which was serving the common good of the residents of Kythera. Every project which was serving the common good had a warm supporter in the person of Nicholaos Coroneos.

His kindness, his eagerness to help, the beauty of his soul had gained for him the respect and love of the community and all those who knew him.

His funeral was attended by the whole populous in the holy church of Ilariotisis and a large number of wreaths were placed upon his casket. To honor him the philharmonic band led the funeral procession playing the funeral marches on the way to the cemetery.

To her beloved wife Matina N. Coroneos, his children Erifyli and Athanasios Gregoropoulos, as also to the rest of his relatives, we express our warmest condolences. May God rest his soul.


Stamatina Nicholaou Coronaios

Died and buried in Piraeus Stamatina Nicholaos Coronaios (the benevolent), of the Panaretos family (the Panaretos has been penciled off and Souris is written instead), from Potamos, born 1896

Matina was one of the liveliest Kytherian personalities, both of Piraeus and of our island, and will be impossible to fill the vacuum left by her death.

She graduated from the elementary school and completed her education in the famous for its Christian teachings school of Joan of Arc.

She married at a young age in 1910 (Corrected from 1912 using pencil) in Piraeus Nicholas Anastasiou Coronaios, with whom relocated and lived for 10 years in Baltimore of the United States, where because of their hard work and honesty they accumulated considerable wealth before returning to Greece.

They got established in Piraeus where her unforgettable husband got involved in real estate business, and she was always by his side supporting his efforts.

She never forgot the land of her birth, and was visiting Kythera very often, providing leadership in all the philanthropic works, supporting those in need secretly following the example of her husband, who was given the name of “Benevolent”.

Our newspaper participating with all our heart in the sorrow of her family, extends our warmest condolences to her daughter Filitsa Gregoropoulos, to her son-in-law Athanasios and to her grandson Demitrios, and wishes her memory to remain inextinguishable for ever, thus setting the example for generations yet to come.

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