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submitted by Stephen Trifyllis on 17.04.2013

'' the Albanian kytherian team ''

one of the Albanian sides in the winter competition, good on them they play very well .. its like the queensland and new south wales hatred thing in state of origin rugby leauge !!!!!

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submitted by Stephen Trifyllis on 17.04.2013

'' ready to play ''

one of the kythera football sides that play in the winter ..

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submitted by Stephen Trifyllis on 10.05.2014

'mate vrs mate ''

great play resuted in a Goal !!! , kythera has 10 sides the play every sunday in the winter , with two albanian sides , and the standard is pretty good .... !!! in this match 9 goals were scored in the match .. very entertaining match....

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submitted by Stephen Trifyllis on 17.04.2013

'' catch me if you can''

action at potamos stadium as one of the albanian players breaks away ... the albanian played side well and beat the greek kytherian side ... one nil ....both sides and suppoters got on very well !!!!

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submitted by Lafcadio Hearn Files on 20.11.2015

The Petrochilos Family. Hora, Kythera.

Standing, left. Professor Kleomemes (Menis) Petrochilos
Standing, right. Takis Efsathiou

Seated, left to right:

Andreas Papadopoulos (family friend from Aronthianika)
Eleni Petrochilos-Psychogiou - sister
Dimitra Petrochilos-Konstantinou, Keomemes' aunt
Spyros Petrochilos Kleomemes' (late) father
Maria Petrochilos Kleomemes' (late) mother

The family owns the house of Rosa Kassimatis, mother to Lafcadio Hearn.

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submitted by Barbara Zantiotis on 29.03.2013

Donkey Ride 1986

My brother, Peter Zantiotis, on a donkey near Agia Anastasia. To the left is my mother Anna (Anastasopoulos) and to the right is Stavros Tamvakis. This was taken on 10/8/1986.

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submitted by Stephen Trifyllis on 03.03.2013


possibly the last photograph taken of rouli fardoili in late october sitting at the platia at potamos having a coffee with his friend , god bless you rouli !!!

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submitted by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli on 08.11.2012

Spiridoula's Kitchen - Moussaka

Spiridoula (Alfieris) Georgopoulos shows us how to make Moussaka in her home in Potamos.

July 25, 2012

Click to watch Spiridoula’s Kitchen – Moussaka on YOUTUBE

Photos, Video & Editing by Vikki Vrettos Fraioli
Music from the album - 100% Stavros Xarchakos, Vol. 3
Vale ki Allo Piatoo Sto Trapezi
Aponi Zoi

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submitted by Stephen Trifyllis on 15.10.2012

george cassismatis ... sempraviva ...agia pelagia ...

who hasnt been to sempraviva at agia pelagia , one of the most popular meeting places on the island . try getting a seat in august , lovely setting , great sweets and drinks and two great hosts the two georges.... a great place to end your day ....

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submitted by Stephen Trifyllis on 15.10.2012


theodore fardoulys lands a large orphour [ cod ] just off shore from diakofti, these divers can dive up to 30 meters to spear these fish ...

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submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 31.07.2012

"Bubby" Karaydis took Paul Leventis and George Poulos on a tour...

...of the watermills of Mylopotamos.

Bubby is an engineer (mehanikos) on the island. He spent almost 2 decades in Germany, working as an engineer.

His knowledge of the workings of the watermills at Mylopotamos is quite extraordinary.

Water travelled along a series of canals, all interlinked. Water would fall from a height into a designated water mill wheel, turning the wheel, and then the stone, and hence crushing the wheat.

Mills were owned by individual families.

Those who grew wheat, but had no mills, would bring their wheat - often with great difficulty - to the mill on a designated day.

A week later - the miller would have the flour ready for "pick up".

Once the water had passed through a mill - it would move on - further down the canals, to "turn another mill".

The engineering principles involved were quite ingenious.

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submitted by Kytherian Cultural Exchange on 29.07.2012

The American from Tampa, Florida

who has restored the only watermill (capable of functioning) on the island.

His enthusiasm and hospitality is overwhelming.

He spends a great deal of time at the water mill of Phillipa - the name of his proyonis mill.

He maintains the garden and trees impeccably. It is like walking into the garden of Eden.

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submitted by Japio Ruijg on 19.05.2012

Karavas Tavern

please add a caption here

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submitted by Japio Ruijg on 19.05.2012


the locale tavern in Karavas

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submitted by Stephen Trifyllis on 27.04.2012

two kytherians who served their new country...

two kytherians who served for AUSTRALIA during world war two, on the left mr. nicholas careedy from mylopotamos who served in Darwin .. Australia with the air force and who recently turned 100 years young !! , and mr. theodore trifyllis from trifyllianika, with the australian army .. at the 2012 BRISBANE ANZAC MARCH... thanks boys !

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submitted by Kytherian Obituaries on 21.03.2012

Archie Kalokerinos. Tribute by Marcus Blackmore

March 5, 2012

Today is a very sad day. I have just heard of the passing at 84 years of age of a great friend and true pioneer of Nutritional Medicine in Australia, Dr Archie Kalokerinos.

Archie had a wonderful knowledge of the clinical use of vitamin therapy in particular the use of IV VitC, but of even greater significance was his amazing dedication to his work with aboriginal people.

He practiced in a number of places but I particularly remember Collarenebri and Coober Pedy, I believe he wrote his book entitled ‘Every Second Child’ in 1981 when he was in practice at the former town. When he first went to Collarenebri infant mortality amongst aboriginal children was one in two, hence the title of his book.

Archie was able, largely through the use of sound nutrition and vitamin C in particular, to achieve normal caucasian rates of infant mortality with the aboriginal population.

I distinctly remember Archie and I doing a public lecture in the Adelaide city hall some 25 years ago; what was incredible about that night was the number of aboriginal people who had travelled, in some cases hundreds of miles, to see Archie. He was deeply admired by his aboriginal patients and the aboriginal professional health care workers with whom he came in contact.

In his lifetime he was not afraid to voice his objection to the overuse of vaccination or other medical practices that he believed warranted either re-examining or investigation by his own profession.

He had many detractors for his controversial views but among his patients he had many ardent supporters.

In 2000 Archie was awarded the title ‘Greek Australian of the Century’ by the Melbourne based Greek newspaper Neos Kosmos. I have little doubt that Dr Archie Kalokerinos will go down in our history books as a man before his time, much like my own father.

Archie, may you rest in peace, you have made a wonderful contribution.

About Marcus Blackmore:

Current Appointments

Marcus is currently the Chairman of Blackmores Ltd, a public company employing over 540 people in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. The company markets the premium brand of vitamin and herbal products under the ‘Blackmores’ label and is widely recognised for its ethical practices and its treatment of staff.

Marcus also holds the following positions:
■Director (and Past Chairman), Young Endeavour Youth Scheme
■Honorary Trustee, CEDA (Committee for the Economic Development of Australia)
■Vice Chair, Defence Reserves Support Council

Previous Appointments
■Chairman and Board Member of the Heart Research Institute
■Chairman and Board Member of the Southern Cross University Foundation
■Director of the Australian National Maritime Museum
■Member, Maritime Ministerial Advisory Committee to the NSW Government

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submitted by Stephen Trifyllis on 31.10.2015


ONE OF THE GREATEST AUSTRALIANS EVER !! loved him or hated him one of the finest statesman of Australian politics.... ...... the visit to the island of former prime minister of australia the right honourable mr. Gough whitlam. mr. whitlam visited the island due to his many kytherian friends in australia .the visit was after he lost the election to mr. malcolm fraser in 1977 this photo mr whitlam is at the castro in hora, he recognised by the crest on the cannons who the the king and queen of england were at the time the cannons were in service, the gentleman in the white shirt and dark gasses is mr. theodore trifyllis of queensland and trifyllianika, who was the interpreter for whitlams visit.. you might recognise other people in this photo, but the gentleman in the brown checked shirt ,is strato from potamos and the conductor of the kytherian municipal band... after the castro visit the party lunched at perros restaurant at livathi... in a speech at lunch mr.whitlam acknowledged his kytherian brotherhood and stated he enjoyed his visit to kythera very much...

Photos > Modern Portraits

submitted by Society of Kytherian Studies on 23.03.2012

At the launch of Professor Koula Kassimatis book, Kytherian Migrants in Egypt with a primary emphasis on Alexandria

Koula is expressing her thanks for the presentation of the book, at the lectern.

Seated on the far left is Mrs Kaiti Aroni-Tsichliis, Professor of History Koula. In the centre is Professor Nikos Petrochilos, President of the Society of Kytherian Studies. Seated on the right is Professor Soulogiannis.

Professors Aroni-Tsichliis and Euthimios Soulogiannis, jointly launched Professor Koula Kassimati's new book.

About Prof. Euthimios Soulogiannis

He is honorary Director of Research at the Academy of Athens, and had recently toured major US cities following an invitation by the “Alexander S. Onassis” Public Benefit Foundation (USA) to promote the Greek culture, history and tradition.

Soulogiannis was born in Alexandria, Egypt and studied Literature and History at the University of Athens. He received a postgraduate degree in Rome. He is a visiting professor in universities in Greece, the United States, Australia and Egypt focusing on the Diaspora Greeks particularly in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East.

In an interview with the “National Herald” Greek-American newspaper he stressed that being born in Alexandria played a major role in his desire to study the Diaspora Hellenes.

Referring to the Greek-American community, he said that it has a great power and can affect issues of Greek national interest. He also said that the future of Hellenism in Egypt is uncertain because many Greeks have left, pointing out, however, that the Greek community now is more vibrant than ever.


Παρουσίαση του βιβλίου της κ. Κούλας Κασιμάτη "ΟΙ ΜΕΤΑΝΑΣΤΕΥΣΕΙΣ ΤΩΝ ΚΥΘΗΡΙΩΝ ΣΤΗΝ ΑΙΓΥΠΤΟ ΚΑΙ ΚΥΡΙΩΣ ΣΤΗΝ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΕΙΑ - 19ος και 20ος ΑΙΩΝΑΣ"

Στις 19/3/12 το απόγευμα έγινε η παρουσίαση του βιβλίου "Οι μεταναστεύσεις των Κυθηρίων στην Αίγυπτο και κυρίως στην Αλεξάνδρεια - 19ος και 20ος αιώνας", της καθηγήτριας στο Πάντειο Πανεπιστήμιο κ. Κούλας Κασιμάτη.

Η εκδήλωση οργανώθηκε από την εταιρεία Κυθηραϊκών Μελετών στο Πνευματικό Κέντρο Κυθηρίων, Θεμιστοκλέους 5, στην Αθήνα.

Η Εταιρεία Κυθηραϊκών Μελετών έχει εκδώσει και το βιβλίο και είναι το 20ο κατά σειράν βιβλίο που εκδίδει. Ο Πρόεδρος της, καθηγητής κ. Νίκος Πετρόχειλος, άνοιξε την συζήτηση, απευθύνοντας ένα σύντομο χαιρετισμό και αμέσως κάλεσε τη καθηγήτρια του Παντείου Πανεπιστημίου κ. Καίτη Αρώνη-Τσίχλη, να κάνει την παρουσίαση του βιβλίου.

Επίσης για το βιβλίο μίλησε ο καθηγητής, επίτιμος Δ/ντής ερευνών στην Ακαδημία Αθηνών, κ. Ευθύμιος Σούγιαννης.

Μετά τους δύο καθηγητές, λίγα λόγια είπαν, ο πρόεδρος του Τριφυλλείου καθηγητής κ. Γεώργιος Κασιμάτης και ο πρόεδρος του ομίλου Κυθηρίων Πανεπιστημιακών, κ. Βασίλης Λευθέρης, οι οποίοι επαίνεσαν την κ. Κούλα Κασιμάτη για την αξιόλογη και επιστημονική δουλειά της.

Στο τέλος λίγα λόγια είπε η κ. Κούλα Κασιμάτη και καταχειροκροτήθηκε.

Το ογκώδες αυτό βιβλίο, που δεν πρέπει να λήψει από καμία Κυθηραϊκή βιβλιοθήκη, πωλείται προς 25 ευρώ στα γραφεία της Εταιρείας Κυθηραϊκών Μελετών.
Βασίλης Σταύρου ιερέως Χάρος
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submitted by Barbara Zantiotis on 20.12.2011

Mary & Nick Sofios

Mary (Patrikios) and Nick Sofios with my daughter, Kyrani at Moni Myrtidion on September 23, 2010.

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submitted by Society of Kytherian Studies on 25.09.2011

Professor Koula Kassimatis

Author of the book,

Kytherian Migrants in Egypt with a primary emphasis on Alexandria

Author: Koula Kassimatis

When Published: 2011

Publisher: Society of Kytherian Studies
20th publication of the Society of Kytherian Studies

Available: Society of Kytherian, Studies, Athens.
Central distribution
The Association of Kytherian Studies
5 Themistokleous str., 8th Floor, Athens 106 77

Tel: 210 3844915, 3838190
Fax: 210 38844915, 3820293

Contact the Society by email

Description: Paperback. In Greek. 535 pages.

ISBN: 978-960-88554-6-5

[[picture:"Kytherian_migrants_in_Egypt_s.jpg" ID:19425]]

The definitive history of the Kytherian presence in Egypt.