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submitted by James Victor Prineas on 21.02.2005

Olympia (Tzortzo) Poulos, (later Faros), Claremont, Queensland.

Olympia (Tzortzo) Poulos, (later Faros), Claremont, Queensland.
Copyright (0000) George C Poulos

Daughter of Dimitri George (Tzortzopoulos) and Athena Connell, whose life history has been recounted in History, subsection, General History at some length. As has the history of her grandparents, George Dimitri Tzortzopoulos, and Olympia Tzortzopoulos (nee, Tzortzopoulos).

As a bridesmaid at the wedding of Helen Levantis and Peter Zantiotis (Zantes). Ollie sent this photograph to her grandmother and namesake Olympia, in Karavas, Kythera, with this inscription on the back - "My Dearest Grandmother, With all my love, Your loving grand daughter, Olympia. xxx".

Ollie married Alex Faros Arnoutis in 1956, and moved to Claremont in Queensland, where she has lived ever since. The Faros's owned the Paris Cafe there. Alex's father owned it before him. Alex has been in Claremont for more than 70 years.

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