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submitted by George Poulos on 23.10.2010

Ayios Kosmas, Paleokastro

One of the most exciting events that occurred on the island this year was the opening up of the (ancient) church of Ayios Kosmas [there are many Ayios Kosmas on the island], on Paliokastro.

I was priveleged to be part of the financing (in Australia), and the discovery, on the island.

A real boys and girls own adventure!

As team leader John Fardoulis notes: "Kythera’s ancient capital was located on the Paleokastro mountain from approximately 600BC – 100AD. Even though the mountain-side city was likely to have been populated by over 1000 people during this period, little has been done to explore what is now an overgrown, inhospitable part of the island - where the ancient capital is now buried."

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