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submitted by Spyro Calocerinos on 04.05.2008

The late Bishop Kalokairinos 1982

The late Bishop Gabriil Kalokairinos, was the Bishop of Santorini. He was born in Alexandrades 1910, son of Andreas and Diamanta Kalokairinos,brother of Mina and Theodoros Kalokairinos. He was ordained Deacon in 1933 at the church of Profytis Ilias Santorini (Thyra) and was named Gavriil. He was "Ierokyrikas"(Preacher) Trifylias and Olympias and later was appointed as "Protosyggelos"(Bishop's Chief) Vatinias Kynorias Korinthias. On the 14th of November 1957 he became the Bishop of Santorini (Thyra) where he remained until 1982. He passed away, on the 28th January 1983.His father Andreas was my grandfather's brother.