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submitted by Peter Makarthis on 09.11.2006

Theo Zantiotis - Brisbane

Theo Zantiotis - Brisbane
Copyright (2006) Peter Makarthis

Third generation Kytherian Theo Zantiotis
outside Samios and Co Brisbane Australia

Peter Makarthis

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submitted by
Jay Kirby
on 14.03.2007

I have not seen Theo or his family for over 13 years until now. Nice to see the family business is still doing well and I wish Theo (who has not changed a bit, except for the beer belly, LOL) and family the very best for the future and hope to one day catch up on old times. Regards, Jason, London England. P.s If someone could pass on my email address to Theo, so I could establish contact with him, then that would be appreciated. ( Thank's again.