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submitted by Hugh Gilchrist on 27.05.2006

Marble Bar Cafe, Prince Street, Grafton. (c.1912).

Marble Bar Cafe, Prince Street, Grafton. (c.1912).
Copyright (0000) Notaras Family

Left to right:

1. Lambrinos Notaras (1860-1932), father of Jack and Anthony;

2. unknown(??) [Identified as Sarantos Zantiotis by Mary Conomos]

3. Jack Notaras (1892-1962);

4. Unknown(??) (although wrongly designated in the book as James Zantiotis)

5. James Zantiotis (youngest lad)

6. Anthony Notaras (1895-1992), father of Angelo, Mitchell, John, Irene, and Betty Notaras.

From page 208, Australians and Greeks. Volume 1. The Early Years.

Author:Hugh Gilchrist
When Published: 1992
Publisher:Halstead Press
Available from:
Angelo Notaras
Atom Industries
PO Box 513, Rozelle NSW 2039
Fax +61 2 9810 6691

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