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submitted by Vassilia Corones on 30.12.2005

Club Hotel at Quilpie, Queensland.

Club Hotel at Quilpie, Queensland.
Copyright (0000) John Oxley Library, State Library Of Queensland

Harry Corones' involvement in the hotel industry extended to Quilpie, where he came to operate three hotels which were placed under the management of his nephew and partner, Jim, and another nephew, Harry George Corones.

In August 1921 the Quilpie Hotel, in Brolga Street, was purchased from Ernest and Emma Culliford, and in 1925 the Imperial Hotel was constructed on the corner of Brolga and Buln Buln Streets.

In 1926 a fire swept through Quilpie and destroyed the Quilpie Hotel. A new Quilpie Hotel, known as "The Brick" was erected on the site in late 1925 and completed in 1926.

In October 1934 the Club Hotel was leased from Castlemaine Perkins Brewery.

This hotel was purchased in 1965.

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