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Diaspora Weddings and Proxenia / Mitata

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Photos > Diaspora Weddings and Proxenia

submitted by James Victor Prineas on 18.02.2005

Wedding 1926.

Eleni Haniotis (Aglacitis) and Dimitri Prineas (Dimitrelou), both from Mitata, were married in Sydney in 1926.

Backrow-from left:
1.could be one of Samios (Kouvardas) brothers.
2. Harry Nicholas Samios
3. Harry's brother John Nicholas Samios
4. Antony Prineas, the groom's brother.
5. Jack Cassimaty from Canberra.
6.James Prineas, 1st cousin of bride.
7. Costas ?, brides uncle.
8. ?
Second row-from left:
1.Nick Samios (Kouvardas) His mother is at the end of this row +his father is one of the famous Samios bros above.
2. ?
3. Arthur Psaltis, best man
4. James Prineas, the groom
5. Eleni Haniotis (Aglacitis), the bride
6. Wife of one of the Samios Brothers?
7. Little Nick Samios' mother Agapy (nee Lazana).
Front row:
left: Little Nick Samios
Young woman seated: Maria, who married a "Pashali" from Woollongong. One of the small girls could be Poppy Samios (Nicks sister).

Does anyone know the names of the other people in the photograph?

Postscript by Sophia Zantiotis, cousin of the submitter:
"My grandmother, Sophia and her brother Jim (no. 6) were the bride's first cousins. Their mother Maria was the bride's father Brettos' sister.
The best man, Arthur Psaltis, was the husband of my grandmother Sophia's eldest sister Grigora Psaltis nee Prineas."

Postscript 2 by Paula Cocolas (nee Samios Young Nick's daughter)

2nd from left top row is Harry Nicholas Samios & next to him on the right is his brother John Nicholas Samios. Harry's son Nicholas is the boy sitting in the front row on a chair and his mother Agapy (nee Lazana) is last right on the 2nd row. Poppy may be the child in front of Agapy. This photo was a pleasant surprise.
Thank you

Photos > Diaspora Weddings and Proxenia

submitted by George Poulos on 27.09.2004

Jim and Penelope Castrisos - wedding photograph.

Jim and Penelope Castrisos on their wedding day.

Jim and Penelope later became proprietors of the Red Rose Cafe, Nowra, NSW.

See a previous entry in this CAFE & SHOPS section, for more detailed information on the Red Rose Cafe, and the lives of Jim and Penelope Castrisos.