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submitted by Gaye Andronicos Reeve on 13.08.2014

xfactor finalist

xfactor finalist
Copyright (2011) Gaye Andronicos Reeve

Rochelle Pitt, a mature age contestant, has successfully reached the finals of this year's Australia wide xfactor competition on channel 7.
We are very proud of her achievement and wish her every success. Rochelle is the grand-daughter of Rene Andronicos from Brisbane, (author of Maudie Put the Record On) and great-grandaughter of Theo G. Andronicos of Potomos.

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submitted by
Nikos Andronikos
on 08.12.2014

I'm sorry Rochelle I Nikos Andronikos Just saw Gaye's new Message I got it wrong She just changed her web name But Congrats to you!! Nikos