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submitted by Logothetianika News on 27.12.2012

There was no shortage of food

There was no shortage of food
Copyright (2012) Michael Mallos

at the dinner, held on the 13th November, 2013, at the Mallos household in South Coogee.

The event celebrated the visit to Australia of another Logothetiani - the Mayor of Kythera, Theothori Koukoulis.

Michael Mallos has ventured to Logothetianika, Kythera, in the summer, every year, for the past 15 years. WIth his brother, her maintains the 'patriko spitti' in Logothetianika.

The Mayor was very touched by this gesture of friendship, and was pleased to see so many Logothetiani gathered together - many of whom he had not seen for some time.

Michael and Theothori attended Logothetianika Infants and Primary school together, until Michael migrated to Australia as a 12 year old. Their teachers were the two parents of Theothori Koukoulis, who taught many future immigrants to Australia and America.

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