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submitted by DAILY TELEGRAPH on 06.05.2005

Peter Frilingos. Mimosimo. 1 year after his death.

Peter Frilingos. Mimosimo. 1 year after his death.
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Peter "Chippy" Frilingos Appeal

Monday 2 May 2005

Pictured: Left to Right:
Alison, Matthew, Anna, Maureen and Peter Frilingos

The Heart Foundation in conjunction with Radio 2GB and The Daily Telegraph are conducting an appeal during Heart Week in commemoration of Peter Frilingos.

Peter [Chippy] was one of Australia’s most respected sports journalists who died suddenly of a heart attack on 3rd May, 2004.

Funds raised in honour of Peter Frilingos will benefit a prestigious Heart Foundation Research Award in his name.

The Heart Foundation supports the highest quality cardiovascular research, providing major advances in knowledge that will lead to improved cardiovascular health and better prevention and management of cardiovascular health.

For over forty years the Heart Foundation has played a vital role in funding research into the causes, prevention, treatment and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and related disorders.

Research supported by the Heart Foundation has made a significant contribution to the generation and application of new knowledge for the benefit of the Australian community. However, there is still much to be achieved as cardiovascular disease continues to be the leading cause of death in Australia.

Donations can be made by calling 1800 179 114 or by sending your donation to:

The Peter Frilingos Appeal
National Heart Foundation Australia
GPO Box 9966 in your Capital City

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