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submitted by Barbara Zantiotis on 23.05.2015

Illawarra Symphony Orchestra - 1947

Illawarra Symphony Orchestra - 1947
Copyright (1947) Stephen Zantiotis

My father, Stephen Zantiotis was born in 1928. He began playing the violin when he was four years old. He entered numerous eisteddfods in his early years and won on several occasions. In 1942 he joined the Illawarra Symphony Orchestra and played in this orchestra consistently for over sixty years. During this time the orchestra changed its name to the Wollongong Symphony Orchestra (WSO). He was made a Life Member of this orchestra. Whilst playing for the WSO, he also occasionally played in the Sutherland Symphony Orchestra, the WIlloughby Orchestra and was invited on countless occasions to perform in smaller ensembles and musicals.
My father is now 87 and still plays in an orchestra that regularly performs!
These photos were taken at the Civic Theatre in Kembla St, Wollongong on July 28, 1947.
My father is located around the middle of the photo in the middle row holding his violin under his arm and looking directly at the camera.

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