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submitted by Barbara Zantiotis on 28.01.2016

Anna and Stamatoula - 23/01/16

Anna and Stamatoula - 23/01/16
Copyright (2016) Barbara Zantiotis

These two lovely ladies have been friends since they grew up together in Perlegiannika.
Anna (Kyrani) Zantiotis (Anastasopoulos) is my mum and Stamatoula Varipatis (Comino) is the mother of Father Constantine Varipatis, priest of St Stylianos Church in Gymea, NSW.
Father Constatine's daughter, Stamatia is married to my godson, Terry Gerovasilis, grandson of Father Nicholas Bozikis, priest of St Nicholas Church, Marrickville, NSW.
This photo was taken at the christening of George Gerovasilis, son of Terry and Stamatia and Stamatoula's great grandson!

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