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submitted by Kytherian Biographies Project on 19.10.2012

Sir Arthur George AO

Son of the late Thomas and Smaro George. (The family name in Greek was Tzortzatos). Born Sydney 17/1/1915. Educated Kensington Public School., Sydney Boys High School,Solicitors Admission Board (this was a course which was then available, without the benefit of lectures or any tutorial assistance). Admitted as solicitor 5/3/1938. Ceased full time practice in approximately 1972. Completely ceased practising in 1980.

Married 9/12/1939 Renee Freeleagus. One daughter, Diane, now Diane Spellson, and two grandsons, Leon and Arthur, 28 and 25 respectively.


I. Chairman Association of Classical Archaeology since its formation in 1966.
Since its inception, the Association has raised in excess of $850,000 to supplement grants by the Research Grants Commission in respect of significant Archaeological Excavations on the Island of Andros in Toroni in Greece in which Australian students and post graduate students participate.

2. Endowed the Chair of Classical Archaeology of Sydney University 1978, now named "The Arthur and Renee George Chair of Classical Archaeology" which has increased public appreciation of Creek Archaeology.

3. Through The Arthur T George Foundation set up the Sir Arthur George Loan Fund in Sydney University which has., in turn since 1971) made interest free loans to needy students on the basis of gradual repayment to Sydney
University commencing 2 years after graduation. The total amount of funds so far made available by Sydney University to students to date is $514,100 and approximately 750 students have received assistance since its inception. In addition, approximately $61,000 has been made available to the University of NSW for similar purposes. This is a continuing obligation to Sydney University until the Fund becomes self revolving.

4. Member of the Council (ex officio) of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens of which is universities and tertiary institutions are members and others are being individually approached. The Institute operates out of offices in Athens purchased with the help of the University of Sydney, borrowed on Sir Arthur's guarantee., now has its own premises in Athens, and has provided significant cultural links with Greece and recognition of Australian participation in Archaeological Classical and Hellenistic studies following in the footsteps of Britain.,
USA., France> Italy, Germany, the nordic countries, Canada and many others.

5. On the 20th April 1985 Sir Arthur was created an "Honorary Fellow" of Sydney University, a member of the first group to receive such acknowledgement for services rendered to the University.


Through The Arthur T George Foundation provided all the funds (approx. $215,000) for the construction of The St Andrew's Greek Orthodox Theological College 1985/86, now operating and having as its objective the training of Australian born priests to serve in the Church of Australia, with the ultimate objective that all priests in Australia are products of this College. The premises being so constructed are named "The Arthur & Renee George House". This College will, over a period, change the nature of the Church in Australia in that it will be more orientated to the Australian society and ultimately be the Australian Greek Orthodox Church.


1. President of the Australian Soccer Federation 1969 to July 1988.

2. Appointed as a member of the Executive of FIFA ie. The Federation of Internationale Football Association, on 1st December 1980, the first and only Australian to hold such position.

3. Honorary Life President, Occania Football Confederation.

4. Appointed part time Commissioner of Australian Sports Commission 1986 by the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia.

5. Co-Founder of the Confederation of Australian Sport and Foundation Vice President. Created Fellow of the Confederation of Australian Sport, 1985.

6. Awarded FIFA Gold Order of Merit (highest international soccer award) 1994.

7. Nominated by Executive of FIFA as Honorary Member to join other existing soccer identities so honoured and elected in June 1996.


Endowed by Arthur & Renee George 1972 by an initial donation of $500,000 in 1972.
As detailed above, has distributed substantial donations to Sydney University, and The St Andrew's Greek Orthodox Theological College. Donations to these and numerous other charities, such as Red Cross, Legacy, Cancer Research, St Vincent's Hospital etc., totalling approximately $1,187,000 since 1972. Current income enables donations totalling approximately $70,000 per year. (Booklet published at request of Sydney University and with its assistance.) A gift of $300,000 to The Australian Soccer Federation was made on Sir Arthur's resignation as president.


Member of the Red Cross Calling Committee and other committees.


Has been involved in numerous and widespread business activities. During his business life Sir Arthur acted as a long time director of major public companies.

He has recently retired all his public company directorships because of age.

Heavily involved throughout the years in development of housing, home units, shopping centres, hotels and office buildings.

He has helped to pioneer large areas of Queensland Briglow (a tree which is a major pest) country and has had
extensive farming and grazing interests. His direct and indirect significant shareholdings in private companies cover a wide range of interests.

The family investments of Sir Arthur are held by The Sir Arthur George Family Trust.


Admitted as solicitor on 5th May 1938. Ceased full time practice 1970/72.

Completely ceased active practice in 1980 having previously wound down involvement in 1972.

Created a life members of the Law Society of NSW as from 1st July 1986.



Appointed Officer of the Order of Australia in Queen's Birthday Honours List June 1987.


Elizabethan Medal
Jubilee Medal
Created Knight Bachelor 1972


Cold Cross of Phoenix (Greece)


Only Honorary Life Member of Archdiocesean Council
Grand Commander (Keeper of the Laws)
Gold Cross of Mt Athos
Cross of St Marks


Fellow of Confederation of Australian Sport
Member of FIFA Executive 1980 - 1994
President of The Australian Soccer Feceration
1969 - 1988 - Acting President 1968.
FIFA Cold Order of Merit 1994
Elected as Honorary Member of FIFA March 1996


Honorary Fellow of The Senate of Sydney University 1985.

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