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submitted by George Poulos on 08.05.2007

Paul Kalokerinos' & family, Kytherian generosity.

Paul Kalokerinos' & family,  Kytherian generosity. - PP Paul Kalokerinos behind counter Canberra Cafe Manilla

Note the self grown and self prepared olives in the foreground, on the counter. Some are full, some halved. Paul sells them in large jars in the shop. They are both "horyutika" and beautiful tasting.

Paul has operated the Canberra Cafe for 53 years in a row. A Kytherian world record?!?!

Photograph by Peter Prineas, Koutsaftis.

On 16th April, 2007, after the Brisbane megaevent of the 15th April, George Poulos, Peter Prineas, Dr Archie Kalokerinos & Professor Manuel Aroney travelled by 2-car convoy to the North Western NSW town of Bingara. Bingara lies in the mid-north western region of New South Wales.

There we were treated like Royalty - as all Kytherians are when they arrive in Bingara, and "we" hit the front page of the Bingara Advocate on the Wednesday. View/download/save a copy of the Front page as a .pdf

Bingara Advocate Apr_24_01[1]EXACT.pdf

On the Tuesday 17th April, the "convoy" stopped in to visit fellow-Kytherians Pau (Petros) & Helen Kalokerinos in the Canberra Cafe, Manilla. Helen was originally a Petrochilos. Their children John and Mary, and Mary's husband, Joe, a Manilla local, were also present. The Kalokerinos family derives from the town of Karvounathes on Kythera.

Paul set about and treated us with a fish meal fit for Royalty. 4 of the largest and most delicious Sole were served up, with good Kytherian potato chips and salad.

Whilst the meal was being prepared we saw a wonderful bench top olive seed remover in operation, on the adjoining table. Made from stainless steel, and "invented" in Manilla, it was the most ingenius olive seed remover that we had ever seen. Well worth patenting.

As we left we were supplied with many jars of home grown and home "cured" olives of the highest quality.

Thank you Paul & family for that wonderful Kytherian generosity.

It was one of those gestures which make involvement in kythera-family and Kytherian affairs generally, so rewarding and fulfilling for me.

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